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Ilya Bass

Ilya’s done software development in several industries, including CAD and 3D modeling, consumer web (travel) at high scale and most recently medical. Ilya’s current gig is at PathAI where he’s using Django to develop applications for transforming clinical development and diagnostics with AI-powered pathology.

Herding your Database Queries in Django

Herding your Database Queries in Django

Django ORM allows one to seamlessly represent database (DB) data as instances of Python classes (models).  This includes relationships between objects, such that when a model (A) has a foreign key relationship (let’s say field name ‘related_b’) to another model (B), all you need to do to navigate from an instance of A (a) to the related instance of B (b) is “a.related_b”. By default, this will fetch “b” from the database, which is both amazingly convenient and also terrifying. I say terrifying with some degree of jest, but also plenty of seriousness that will be appreciated by those of us who know what it’s like to deal with a production database that is melting (struggling) under load. 

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